[v] Vegetarian [gf] Gluten Free [ve] Vegan [n] Contains Nuts



Tue-Thu 10am until 3pm

Fri-Sat 9am-1pm

   Soup of The Day

   Stone baked bread




 Choice of: Cheddar Cheese, Scrambled eggs, Beans


Add: Bacon £2, Ham £2, Sausage £2, Eggs £2 (poached, fried or scrambled), Cheddar Cheese £1.50, Beans £1



     Stone baked bread (Egg, Sausage, Bacon)




      Bacon, 2 poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, stone baked bread



         Eggs Royale    

      2 poached eggs, smoked salmon, hollandaise sauce, stone baked bread



The Forest [ve]

Spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, truffle oil, rocket, stone baked bread


          Mediterranean Brunch [v][n]     

Fried halloumi, peppers, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, topped with poached egg, rocket, drizzled with pesto, served with stone baked bread



              Eggs From The Forest [v]              

 2 poached eggs drizzled with truffle oil, spinach,

  tomatoes mushrooms, rocket, feta cheese on a stone baked bread



Mimi’s Breakfast

 2 Bacon, 2 sausages, 2 eggs (scrambled, poached or fried eggs), beans, stone baked bread

      £10.50(Small £7.50)



Choice: fries or salad


1. Bacon and mozzarella cheese

2. Ham, mushrooms and cheddar cheese

3. Spinach, feta cheese and egg (v)