[v] Vegetarian [gf] Gluten Free [ve] Vegan [n] Contains Nuts


Marinated Olives [ve/gf]


Soup of The Day

Stone baked bread sticks


Fried Halloumi [v/gf]

Rocket with a sweet chilli dip


Dough Balls [v]

Served with garlic butter


Garlic Bread [v]

Garlic buttered stone baked flat bread

Add: mozzarella (v) £1


Bruschetta Pomodoro [v/n

Tomato, red onion & pesto served on

stone baked garlic bread


Caprezze [v/gf/n]

Buffalo mozzarella, tomato, basil, pesto, extra virgin olive oil



Fried calamari, rocket, garlic mayonnaise



Prawns, tomato sauce, garlic, spinach, chilli peppers, stone baked bread sticks



Sharing Platters

Mimi’s Platter

Salami Milano, chorizo, rocket, garlic baked aubergine, courgette, Peppadew peppers, green olives, buffalo mozzarella, stone baked bread sticks




A choice of the following stone baked bases: classic, thin crust or gluten free (charged at the same price as our classic pizza)


£ classic/thin crust


Margherita [v]

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, oregano




Tomato sauce, ham, mushrooms, black olives, mozzarella, oregano




Tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, oregano



Vegano [ve]

Tomato sauce, courgette, aubergine, peppers, black olives, oregano, mushrooms,

garlic oil. No cheese!


Mighty Meaty

Tomato sauce, beef bolognese, soft spicy n‘duja sausage, pepperoni, bacon,

ham mozzarella, oregano, Cajun spices



Béchamel sauce, bacon, chicken, sausage, garlic, mozzarella, oregano, black pepper



Tomato sauce, spinach, black olives, egg, mozzarella, Grana Padano cheese, garlic oil


Pollo Picante

Tomato sauce, black pepper, Cajun spices, oregano, chicken, red onion, fresh chilli peppers, Peppadew peppers, mozzarella, garlic oil


Mimoza Hot [n]

Tomato sauce, soft spicy n‘duja sausage, pepperoni, chilli peppers, Roquito peppers, mozzarella, Grana Padano cheese, salami Milano, pesto, chilli flakes, oregano


Sultanova [v]

Tomato sauce, feta, caramelized onion, red onion, spinach, mozzarella, cheese, garlic oil



Vegeteriana [v/n]

Tomato sauce, pesto, peas, mushrooms, peppers, black olives, Peppadew peppers, garlic oil, mozzarella, parsley, oregano



Hot Tuna

Tomato sauce, tuna, black pepper, oregano, onion, Chilli flakes , Jalapeno peppers, olives, peppers, garlic, mozzarella cheese


Add (£1 each): spinach, red onions, black olives, mixed peppers, mushrooms, rocket, egg, Roquito, jalapeno or fresh chilli peppers, Peppadew peppers [ve/gf]

Add (£2 each): ham, bacon, n’duja sausage, mozzarella [v], chicken, pepperoni, feta [v]



All served with house salad


Bolognese sauce, chicken, pepperoni, bacon, Cajun spices, mozzarella



Tomato sauce, aubergine, garlic, basil, feta and cheddar cheese


Al Forno

Vanchino‘s [n]

Penne pasta, chicken, mushrooms, red onion, pesto, mozzarella, bechamel sauce, Grana Padano cheesse


                                       Al  Forno Meaty                                            

Penne pasta, Bolognese sauce, chicken, red onion, pepperoni, cajun spices, mozzarella




Choice of penne, spaghetti or gluten free penne


Pisseli [ve][v]

Tomato sauce, peppers, peas, onions, garlic, parsley



Tuna Arrabbiata [ve]

Tomato sauce,tuna, peppers, onions, Roquito peppers, garlic, parsley




Beef bolognese, Grana Padano cheese, basil



Pollo Picante

Tomato sauce, black pepper, oregano, garlic, chicken, red onion, chilli peppers,

Cajun spices




Chicken, garlic, double cream, oregano, black pepper, Grana Padano cheese, basil




Bacon, garlic, double cream, black pepper, Grana Padano cheese, egg, parsley, oregano




Prawns, tomato sauce, garlic, spinach, fresh chilli peppers



Bacon, sausage, double cream, black pepper,

garlic, cheddar cheese


Grill & Burgers


All served with house fries


Marinated chicken breast, bacon, cheddar sauce, mozzarella cheese, salad & fries 


Mimi’s Burger

Minced beef & pork burger, cheddar, stone baked bun, lettuce, tomato, burger sauce


Halloumi Burger [v]

Fried halloumi, aubergine, courgette, peppers, stone baked bun


Vegano Burger [v/ve] 

Baked mushrooms, garlic, aubergine, courgette, peppers, stone baked bun 


Chicken Burger 

           Marinated chicken breast, baked peppers and onion, chipolte sauce , stone baked bun


Add: bacon, jalapenos, baked onion, feta: £1 each


Chicken Salad

Grilled chicken breast, lettuce, croutons, Grana Padano, Peppadew peppers, stone baked bread sticks, Caesar dressing



Bosco [v]

Mushrooms, garlic, buffalo mozzarella, spinach, rocket, Peppadew peppers, balsamic glaze, stone baked bread sticks, honey mustard dressing



Add: bacon £3, halloumi £3 grilled chicken breast £4





House Salad [ve/gf]

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, marinated red onions, black olives



Rocket & Grana Padano salad [gf]


 House Fries



Sweet Potato Fries



Affagato [gf]

2 scoops of vanilla ice cream with a single shot of espresso


Vanchino’s Sundae [gf]

Vanilla ice cream, chocolate brownie pieces, chocolate sauce



Triple Ice Cream [gf]

Choice of vanilla, strawberry, chocolate & salted caramel ice cream, chocolate sauce



Chocolate Brownie [gf]

With vanilla ice cream or double cream



Nutella Calzone [n]

Stone baked bread stuffed with Nutella, chocolate sauce, icing sugar



Double Sorbet [gf]

2 scoops of lemon or raspberry sorbet



Honeycomb Cheesecake

With ice cream or double cream



Lemon Vodka [gf]

2 scoops of lemon sorbet & a shot of vodka


Raspberry Amaretto [gf]

2 scoops of raspberry sorbet & a shot of amaretto